Launch of Facebook Flyers Pro could be good option for non-profits

November 29, 2007

Facebook recently launched a new advertising platform called Flyers Pro. It offers an inexpensive, highly targeted advertising option that non-profits should check out.

The do-it-yourself ads appear to the Facebook users you select when setting up the parameters of your ad. Word count is limited but you can’t beat the price and the targeting. Facebook allows you to tap into the deep demographics it collects on its users. You can select the following:

  • Country, province, city
  • Sex & age
  • Keywords found on profile pages
  • Workplace
  • Political views
  • Marital status

As with everything else Facebook, the user interface is very easy, as you can see from this screen shot. It even tells you, instantly, how many Facebook profiles fit the demographics you’ve selected.

Both pay per click (CPC) and pay per impression (CPM) options are available. Pay per click means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to get to the webpage you are directing him to. Pay per impression means you pay according to how many pages your ad appears on regardless of someone clicking on your ad.

What makes the ads inexpensive is that you can set your own cost–essentially bidding on when and how many times it will appear. You can set the amount you are willing to pay (per click as low as $.01 and per 1000 impressions just $.15) as well as the total amount per day you are willing to pay. Be aware that the lower you set your bid the less likely you are to get prime exposure depending on how many others are setting up ads and how much they are bidding.

I’m experimenting with the ads right now as are several other PR and advertising bloggers. There seems to be consensus thus far that the platform is much better suited to smaller companies and non-profits rather than big business.

I think the space is perfect for promoting awareness of issues, causes and recruiting donors or volunteers. It could potentially be just as effective, or more, than advertising in traditional media but it is ridiculously less expensive. You can experiment with different segments of the population to see what works with little consequence to your non-profit’s budget.

Detractors are questioning the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook given that most people using the site are there for socializing not purchasing. Time will tell, but I think if you can get the right target audience, this could be a perfect way for a non-profits to get its message out. You could highlight an awareness campaign, recruit volunteers, donors or even staff.

Please post your comments if you have used Flyers Pro and what results you’ve had.


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