Big Ideas, Small Budget – the podcast & wiki

March 9, 2008

Big ideas, Small Budget logoA major challenge for non-profits is finding ways to do more with limited funds. The Web and social media tactics provide a way to partly address this challenge but they add another challenge—figuring out what tactics to use and how to use them.

This is one of the central topics explored in Donna Papacosta’s latest podcast, Big Ideas, Small Budget. Donna recorded a conference call involving others in the non-profit sphere to share ideas about how to stretch that non-profit budget.

To maximize the benefit of collective knowledge, she’s also set up a wiki so that interested listeners can continue the conversation and add their own favourite resources and ideas. A wiki is software used to create a web page that allows others to easily contribute, add or modify its contents.

I think that the non-profit world could benefit from sharing ideas and information more. So often we become isolated from what our sister organizations are doing and so we constantly struggle to reinvent what someone else has already figured out. This wiki could prove to be a valuable resource if we all contribute.

How do you stretch your PR and communications budget at your non-profit? Maybe you have found a way to access volunteers with specialized expertise even though they don’t live near your area—otherwise known as “virtual volunteers”. Perhaps you’ve found an effective way to integrate Facebook into your fundraising campaign. Visit the wiki and/or comment here to share your knowledge. A big thanks to Donna for getting the ball rolling.


One Response to “Big Ideas, Small Budget – the podcast & wiki”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Deborah. For those who want to post to the wiki, the password is rosebud.

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