Network for Good hits target with ‘Fundraiser vs Donor’

April 2, 2009

I was delighted to see a take-off on one of my favourite advertisements on Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog. I’ve used the original Microsoft ad, “Advertiser vs Consumer”, in presentations I’ve done to illustrate the changing relationship between businesses and customers. It’s very clever. Now the Network for Good has used the format to create “Fundraiser vs Donor”.

Here’s the original ad:

and here is “Fundraiser vs Donor”:

It makes the point well. We often don’t engage with donors to understand what kind of information they want from our organization. Things have become so routinized with electronic newsletters and donor management systems that we forget that donors are individuals and they should have  options about what and how they hear from us.

I particularly like the comment about the mission statement as a form of communication. While it is a public statement about what an organization strives to do, donors seldom click on “mission statement” on their first (or 20th) visit to a nonprofit website. Why is that? Because it’s secondary to the message about what the organization is actually doing and how those activities are impacting people’s lives. That’s a fact—even if your executive team did go on a retreat in order to craft it.

With various online social networking options, it’s easier than ever before to have genuine relationships with donors and supporters and those networks can provide a bridge to meaningful in-person relationships.

The expectations of donors have changed. Has your organization taken notice?

One Response to “Network for Good hits target with ‘Fundraiser vs Donor’”

  1. kenton Says:

    Great blog, Deborah!

    – Kenton

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