When things change, do you?

December 6, 2010

When I saw a recent post on Ragan.com by PR measurement guru, Katie Delahaye Paine, entitled, “5 (more) PR-related things we need to get rid of”, I wanted to do a brief post about it because it speaks to what I often see in my public relations practice—a reluctance to change even when trends and evidence suggest it’s warranted.

This was a follow up post for Katie who apparently got a stream of comments in protest from her first post that proposed such things as getting rid of the media release as a way to reach media and eliminating direct mail. Her follow up expands on these recommendations.

What I like about the posts is that they push people to recognize that the PR landscape is shifting and changing rapidly. The comments disagreeing with the post’s content  just reinforce my experience—that many organizations simply ignore the fact that things are changing. They keep on doing what they’ve always been doing without stopping to think if it still makes sense in terms of reaching their goals. Most shocking, many organizations don’t even give a moment’s thought to measuring their PR strategy or tactics to see if they are working.

I understand that because things are changing and evolving so rapidly it’s hard to stay on top of it all. To me, though, that means you should invest some of your PR dollars in the  necessary research to make the best decision about tools and tactics. Otherwise, your  “business strategy” is really just a crap shoot.


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