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Using PowerPoint for good instead of evil

November 2, 2007

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the pitfalls of using PowerPoint for presentations including some excellent comments by Donna Papacosta in her podcast and blog.

I too have been guilty in the past of PowerPoint sins including the use of too many bullet points, print that’s too small, using animation for no apparent purpose and relying on slides as a crutch to help me remember the contents of my presentation.

For those stuck on outdated and ineffective techniques, it helps to see a few excellent presentations using PowerPoint in a supporting role, rather than the starring one it has become. Take a look at this presentation on “Identity 2.0” by Dick Hardt. It will change the way you look at slide use forever. The content of the presentation is thought provoking as well.

There’s no question that in our visually overstimulated world, slides can help grab an audience, making it easier to convey your message. Just remember that you are the presenter, not your PowerPoint slides.